Read about Physicians and the
Press in Medical Economics
Dr. Wilner gives a
presentation at the
International Epilepsy
Congress in Paris, France,
on behalf of the International
League Against Epilepsy,
August 2005.
Dr. Andrew Wilner and Tedy Bruschi at the
American Academy of Neurology Meeting in
Chicago, Illinois, April 16, 2008.
Read Dr. Wilner's chapter in "Puzzling
Cases of Epilepsy, 2nd Edition", Editors
Dieter Schmidt, Steven C. Schachter,
Elsevier Inc, Academic Press, 2008
Dr. Wilner presents his research
at the American Epilepsy Society
meeting in Boston, MA, December
6, 2009
Dr. Wilner is a section editor for a
epilepsy textbook, Atlas of
Epilepsies, published 2010
For more information on epilepsy, please
visit my
VIVACARE website
Dr. Wilner writes an editorial on epilepsy
along with Selim Benbadis, MD.
Dr. Wilner and Greg Grunberg from the TV show
Heroes at the 2010 American Epilepsy Society meeting
in San Antonio, Texas
Read about SUDEP in Neurology Now, 2010