Book reviews for Epilepsy in Clinical Practice
-for physicians and health care providers
"I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.
Thanks to the book I have a clear vision
what's going to happen." -Patient who read
Epilepsy:199 Answers.
Epilepsy:199 Answers (A Doctor Responds To His
Patients' Questions)
is for patients and their families. First
published in 1996, a second edition was published in 2003.
Epilepsy:199 Answers is available in a new, updated,
and expanded 3rd edition!

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Answers in this video!
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"The great advantage of this book is that
Dr. Wilner is not only an experienced
epilepsy physician; he is also an
accomplished communicator. The book is
written in a straightforward, honest, and
simple to understand style. I would be
happy to have this book in the hands of all
my patients."
Jacqueline French, MD,
Professor, NYU, writes in the Foreword of
Epilepsy:199 Answers (3rd edition)
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