Dr. Wilner graduated from Yale University and Brown
University School of Medicine. He is board certified in both
internal medicine and neurology. He was medical director
of the Carolinas Epilepsy Center, Charlotte, NC, and then
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at the Brown
University School of Medicine, Providence, RI. Dr. Wilner
has a lifelong interest in writing fiction and nonfiction, and
writes regularly for
Medscape.com and many other
publications. He received the
American Academy of
Neurology's Creative Expression of Human Values Award
(2001), the American Academy of Neurology's Journalism
Fellowship for Excellence in Medical/Health Reporting
(2008), and is the author of two books on epilepsy; Epilepsy:
199 Answers, 3rd edition,
and Epilepsy in Clinical Practice.
Dr. Wilner is a neurohospitalist.
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Dr. Wilner's screenplay, The Last
Sentence, wins award-see article
in Newport This Week
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Dr. Wilner plays Eric Satie's
Gymnopedie #1.
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