AAN2012 Dr. Wilner interviewed by Dr. Kantor

AAN2011 Dr. Wilner summarizes epilepsy highlights

AAN2011 Dr. Wilner and Dr. Mark Freedman

AAN 2011 Dr. Wilner and Dr. Mark Alberts

AAN 2011 Annual Meeting Wrap-up

Dr. Wilner Speaks From AAN 2010

Dr. Wilner talks with Greg Grunberg from HEROES about

Dr. Wilner lectures about epilepsy on

Dr. Wilner provides highlights from the ECTRIMS meeting in
Gothenburg, Sweden, October, 2010

Dr. Wilner interviews Blanca Vazquez, MD and Elizabeth
Cahill, RN, about Women and Epilepsy

Dr. Wilner discusses social networking and multiple
sclerosis -CME from Projects in Knowledge

View Dr. Wilner's interview at Medscape.com with
Dr. Morrell on the Antiepileptic Drug Registries

Dr. Wilner and Selim Benbadis, MD, discuss epilepsy
highlights at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in
Seattle, WA, April, 2009
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