Medical Mission 2011
This year our medical mission focused on taking care of the Tagbanua, indigenous people
native to the island of Palawan, Philippines. Unlike the Bajao, the Tagbanua live in the hills,
eaking out a subsistence living by farming. Only approximately 150 families remain. After
meeting with the Governor, Gaham Mitra, and the Public Health Director, we set out to the
Cabayugan Elementary School, a 1.5 hour drive on the mostly paved road from the capital city
of Puerto Princessa. We only got lost once and had one truck breakdown before we arrived at
the school. As usual, General Juancho Sabban, Commander of the Philippine Marines,
provided logistic support and security. Buth Chase, a local restaurant owner, provided
refreshments. You can read about the mission and see more photos in my
Medscape blog.
Dr. Wilner examines a baby with a fever.
Dr. Nanquil and Dr. Wilner with their patients in the clinic.
Lingkod Timog volunteers enjoy a "Boodle Fight" lunch after a hard day in the clinic. To Dr. Wilner's left  at
the head of the table are General Juancho Sabban and his wife, Irene. Irene is the co-founder of Lingkod
Timog along with Cecilia Heredia.